Friday, May 28

For Memorial Day, take a look around the web. A look around the web.

Thursday, May 27


i love this squirrel.

Update: It was only a matter of time.

WARNING: Friedman article.

"The answer for us lies not in what has changed, but in recognizing what has not changed...We need to remember that those values are the real foundation for our security and the real source of our strength. And we need to recognize that our enemies can never defeat us-only we can defeat ourselves, by throwing out the rule book that has worked for us for a long, long time."

Wednesday, May 26

Par for the course

"The Attorney General's unilateral attempt to regulate...practices historically entrusted to state lawmakers...interferes with...democratic debate...and far exceeds the scope of his authority under federal law"

i've got to do more random surfing. there are gems to be found. Like this remix of 'Kill Bill' tracks...and the sweat suit revolution ( JP, I know, you did it first)...and the philosophy of branding....oh, it gets better....the addiction of masturbation...


the clown arrested on porn charges

The mayor, Glenn Cunningham, has sadly passed away at age 60.

I'm sure you've seen this, but it deserves a posting --- Jon Stewart's Commencement Address at W&M this year.

At Mike's suggestion, I've added some more pics under beneath the links, and added a new link. Sooner or later we'll have to move those images to your Comcast space, but I'm not doing it tonight. DSL sucks at uploading. Incidentally, I found that bottom pic by misspelling "dead deer" on Google images. I spelled it "dead dear." In order to find pictures made by yokels, you have to think like them. I'm working on it, subconchushly. Subconshushily. Cubsonsiously. Or something.

F this, I'm gonna go kill something.


Tuesday, May 25

IISS report for 03-04 is as expected, not flattering:
The U.S.-led war in Iraq has increased the risk to Western interests in Arab countries.

Clancy on Iraq: 'good men make mistakes'. I can't tell if that statement is extremely tamed down or ultimately cordial.

It's 3:20am, so I'll make this as quick as I can. Here's the thing: I've lost a part of my sense of humor since I've stopped smoking pot. I sleep better, and I can actually walk back from 235 without weaving back and forth like it's my New Birthday after waking up from a twelve-year coma. That should be good, I suppose. You can't complain about having all of your parts working well on the way home, but I still feel like something's missing.

While walking home, I tried to do McGovern's "It's Never Been Said Before" thing. Here's what I came up with:

1) "If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life? GORP. Definitely GORP."
2) "Grape-Nuts are the king of the food pantheon."
3) "Mac and Me was way better than E.T."

I had 12 minutes of fairly sober walking to think about it, too. Sad. Very, very sad.

Friday, May 21

brass tacks on torture Excellent article.

The Jesus Landing Pad. Scary. Apparently we've got idiots who want to kill all the Palestinians just like they have idiots who want to kill all the Jews.

Aren't people lovely little fuckin' creatures?

Thursday, May 20

No shit, Sherlock?!

Wednesday, May 19

I like to think of myself as open-minded, and I've managed to construct this women's POV, but she doesn't seem to understand how inherently violent her beliefs are: this is a muslim country, now please leave. Excuse me? Church and State were separated for a reason.

something to think about.

Tuesday, May 18

Alan doesn't like the idea behind The WB's Superstar USA. This won't help. It turns out that to avoid booing, the audience was told that the singers were terminally ill folks from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Down with strollers!

Thursday, May 13

"The Gross National Product of EverQuest, measured by how much wealth all the players together created in a single year inside the game. It turned out to be $2,266 U.S. per capita. By World Bank rankings, that made EverQuest richer than India, Bulgaria, or China, and nearly as wealthy as Russia."

"It makes sense that today's college-educated young adults, especially young men, choose poker. Strategy-oriented, individualistic, and embedded in a nice masculine mythology, poker is the perfect game for the revenge-of-the-nerds generation looking to square their intelligence with their inner maleness."
Or something.

I ran into this today....a good source of insight.

Continuing a trend, I've found another reason to hate Barry Bonds. It's special for Alan. ;)

Fishing trip shopping list. We are planning a Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and dinner, and Sunday breakfast. We are thinking steaks and hobo stew for Friday, breakfast standards, and perhaps burgers for Saturday. If anyone has other suggestions, please post 'em.

Wednesday, May 12

beer wars

it was just a matter of time.

Alan, if you're at all interested in that IT position let Neal know. I doubt there are many chances to bust into the field like this. He said he's just looking for a person with your basic skills who he can train. He's an easy-going, nice guy and trips to China are a possibility.

If so, you'd want to get on it quickly.

Wedding Flight Info:

American Airlines Flight 7970
Leaves JFK 10/13/04 at 6:20 PM
Arrives Dublin 10/14/04 at 5:50 AM

American Airlines Flight 7979
Leaves Dublin 10/20/04 at 11:00 AM
Arrives Shannon 10/20/04 at 11:45 AM

American Airlines Flight 7979
Leaves Shannon 10/20/04 at 12:45 PM
Arrives Boston 10/20/04 at 2:35 PM

American Airlines Flight 4807
Leaves Boston 10/20/04 at 4:15 PM
Arrives JFK 10/20/04 at 5:19 PM

seeing through the mud

Tuesday, May 11

one way or another, this guy should be dead.

And the useless study award goes to.....

G&M on Moore & Disney.

Monday, May 10

"Silly, happy, goofy grins that capture that blissful, joyful essence of all that is dog. If only we could all be content with so little."

The World. I'd go.

You can buy the T-shirt here.

The definition of NIMBY, or perhaps NROMFW (not right outside my fucking window).

crazy ass Rummy.

crazy, loud-ass bugs

As if we needed it, Barry Bonds offers up another reason to hate his guts.

"I ain't white. What world are you living in? I live in reality. They'd never let a black man get away with that." --Barry Bonds, asked last week about Roger Clemens' travel arrangement with the Astros. Clemens does not travel to Houston road games when he is not slated to pitch

What the hell happened here, by the way? The back end of Yokels is crazy now. Looks like we can enable comments directly through Blogger, although I'm not sure what would happen to the ones we've already got through Haloscan. I'll look into it. Not sure I like this.

Guns don't kill people. But they wound them sometimes. Gotta admit, this made me laugh.

Vote Rupert.

Saturday, May 8

Hey grandma, I fucking switched my fucking email address. Check your fucking inbox. I'm using fucking gmail.

Friday, May 7

BMW X3 ad toon:::::go to the 'old site' and the 'supermodifier'. good fun.

I don't know how I missed this one before, but Seinfeld and Superman is hilarious. They only have one episode, "Uniform", online right now, but it's a riot.

Anti-Dog Meat Movement Headquarters.

This is the Japanese Version of Top Gun. Rock!

Thursday, May 6

8 days.

Wednesday, May 5

I spent my morning trying to get to the roof of my apartment. It can be done without tripping the sprinklers, but you have to climb over the balcony onto the 3rd story apartment next door. I think you could open the trapdoor on the roof without any real trouble (because the fire station across the street is under repair), but because I've been climbing all over the building today I'm pretty sure the construction guys across the way would point me out to the cops. I really want to figure out how to get up there.

That is all.

Okay, I'm too tired to do anything productive, but not drunk enough to go to bed. And those diphenhydramine pills always make me sleep until 2pm, so that's out also. Probably indicative of a problem or two, but that's neither here not there right now.

Anyway, here's a mixed bag of links you should check out:

1. Nordinho - great time-wasters. If I still had a 9-to-5, this would be a daily 4:35 thing.

2. Monkeyfilter - like Metafilter, only minus the dickheads. Not as fun as Sportfilter, but still good.

3. Everlasting Blort - run by a Metafilter guy, but caters to the artsy-types who have a sense of humor. Lots of animations, bush-bashing, photos, and general weirdness.

These are daily visits for me, and if you're ever unemployed, I highly recommend them.

Monday, May 3

These people need a medal.

I don't have any idea if it's legit, but if it is, it's hilarious.

In Japan, even the weather is weird. Here's a video of a dust devil in the middle of a kid's soccer game.

EA and Microsoft seem to have resolved some of their issues and will be partnering to offer X-Box Live capabilities for some of their games. In bad news, so far it's mostly for games we don't play.

Number Four, Bobby Orr!

A children's book by Mike Leonetti & Shayne Letain

I believe you have my stapler.

Saturday, May 1

"While Taylor has to adjust to the NFL, teammates must get used to a safety with a linebacker's physique. A few times yesterday, cornerback Fred Smoot mistook Taylor for 6-3, 253-pound backer LaVar Arrington, who wears No. 56."

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